09 January 2012

2012 - The Year of the Dragon

I'm a dragon. Rawrrrrr.
Fast approaching is Chinese New Year: the year of the dragon.  Dragons are all about being big, bold, powerful, graceful and stunning.  Not to mention, they have a great sense of style.  At least, that's what I'm lead to believe.

I have a lot of goals this year, and not all of them pertain to writing. I want to be healthier, run a 1/2 marathon, read 100 books and hike once a week.  [I also want to win the lottery and buy an island.]

But my writing goals are as follows:
  • Finish my 2011 Nano Novel (no, I haven't finished it yet.)
  • Revise the 2011 Nano Novel to completion/near completion
  • Participate in either Camp Nano or Nano (I haven't decided which one I want to do yet)
  • Begin work on a new novel, either for Nano, Camp Nano or other

Lots of stuff to do. I have to say, I haven't been terribly motivated in regards to writing. It's been crazy at work and will likely stay that way, and I find my creative juices are running a little thin lately.  But I'm hoping that the new year will bring new ideas, and some big, bold ideas. 

I hope my dragon form is as flashy in reality as it is in my head.

Step one: actually continue writing.
I've thought about it. I swear I have. I've even opened the file. But then I get distracted, or discouraged, or [insert other excuse here].  I just need to put some time aside, get my head in the game, and commit to it.  I think I'm going to start slow, with... say... 1 hour a week writing time.  And each week I'll up my time, until I'm at an hour a day.

Step two: be amazing.
Maybe I should be amazing before I write, but I really think that once I start writing again, I'll start believing I'm super amazing (at it) again.  And then I'll read what I wrote in a year or so and wonder why I ever thought such drivel was publishable. Ha-ha. You know how those crazy artistic folks are. We're not happy when we're amazing, and we're not happy when we're not amazing.  Mostly, I'm a perfectionist, and I need to recognize that nothing and no one is perfect and I shouldn't hold myself to those kinds of standards. Period.

Step three: be the author/dragon.
It's pretty much a combo of part one and part two.

So that's that. My plan. The big blueprint. The grand design. Now, let's get crackin'!