28 March 2012

A Much Needed Update (And Other Things)

So I know it's been a while, right? Did you all miss me? I bet you missed me.  How could you not, right?

Ha. Of course, you might not have, but who can tell, really? So, this is a much needed update, I know I've been MIA for.... a long, long time. What, like 6 months or so? Probably about that. Who really counts these things? Not, I, said the fly.

Obviously I did not complete my NaNoWriMo goal for last year. What happened was basically every person who was in charge of me at work either quit, was fired, or went on maternity leave.  Leaving me all by myself.  That's right, I was the only person running the training department for a global company.  Awesome, right?

Needless to say, work has been very stressful for many moons, now.  I've been working 10 - 14 hour days for the last few months, and before that it was 9 - 12 hour days. Not fun. Not fun at all.

What else happened?  My boyfriend and I moved in together (yay!) and that's going supremely well.  That's old news, though. Old hat, I say, old hat.

The new news is this: I had to get a temporary crown put on (Monday) and the Infamous Europe Trip of 2012 is only 38 days away.  38 DAYS!

First, the not fun topic: the crown.  So I go to the dentist to get a cleaning (because I'm due and I want it done before Europe) and it's a new dentist (because I've moved) and he tells me that my silver fillings (which I got when I was a child because my parents were cheap even though I begged for the enamel ones) are chipping and degrading and the one in the very back of my lower jaw will have to go ASAP because there's decay underneath the filling.  Oh, and by the way, the tooth is so small and the decay is so large that we're going to have to give you a crown.

So that was last week.  Then, Monday, I went back in to get the temporary crown, which I have to wear for the next 2 weeks until my permanent one is done being made.  It was pretty awful.  For 2 hours I lay there while they pried my jaws open wider than they should go and filed away my tooth.  Plus, filing away the tooth revealed a cavity on the tooth right next to it, so they filled that, too. So I got a temporary crown and a filling.  And, to top it off, they had to file away some of the tooth above the tooth getting the crown, because I have a tiny mouth and there just wasn't room.  Yeah, awesome.

I was miserable on Monday.  And yesterday wasn't much better.  But on the bright side, my mouth hurts so much that all I want to eat are soups and shakes, so I should lose some weight out of this. Haha! PLUS I'm so paranoid that I'm going to pop the temporary crown out (all the foods I'm not supposed to eat are my favorites) that I think I'm just going to continue with soups and shakes until I get my permanent crown put in.  That seems safest.

Now, for the fun topic: Europe.  You'll probably be seeing a few more blogs from me leading up to Europe, and possibly while I'm in Europe, though, let's face it,  I hate typing on those little tiny keyboards on smart phones.  So those might have to wait until I get back.  I'm definitely taking a few notebooks with me to record my thoughts and journey and what we did each day, and of course I'll be taking scad's of pictures.

So that's the update.  I'm so terribly sorry for making you all wait so long, I'm sure you're hanging on my every word, but alas I must go and do the work thing now. Until next time... stay shiny!


  1. My blog partner just had some dental work. It sucks. :( But Europe is fun! Where are you going??

  2. Hi Susan! We're going to Ireland, London, Brussels and Holland! We're very excited! I'll be sure to post an itinerary here one of these days...