11 April 2012

The Arena of Dreams

Last night I had a dream.
It was about a special, magical place where all dreams were created.  I don't remember much of it, but I remember what I was reciting in the dream (weird, I know).  I'm pretty sure that I was talking in my sleep, too.  I made sure to write it down as soon as I could, and I figured I'd share it.  Because really, why not?

There is a place I often go
A place, a place, that no one knows.

Its hidden in shadows
And warm in the sun,
Its lost to the winds
And the depths of the sea.

It’s called by the rain,
By the moon,
By the field
A field, a field, of long-lost things.

I’ll never reveal
Though you’ll try it, I know,
Your howl is worse than time.

But I’ll never give up that place,
A place, a place, that’s just for me.

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